How to write a two party check

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Two Party Checks

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Twice in the last three months, a new customer I had never met before asked me to sign over the two-party check made out to us and them.

A two-party check is one with two payee names. It is also called a joint check or a multi-party check. Uniform Commercial Code regulations determine how the payees may present the check, but other than that the cashing process is the same as that for a one-payee check.

How to Cash Different Types of Checks.

Two-Party Checks

by Shala Munroe. At your bank, sign the back of the check and write your account number below your name, then ask the teller to cash it. Some banks won't cash a check unless you have enough in your account to cover the check if it bounces, so ask before signing the check.

How you cash a two-party. How you cash a two-party check depends on how the check is worded. If it says your name "and" the second person's name, both people must be present to cash the check at a bank. If the word "or" is used, then only one of you must be present and endorse the check.

Twice in the last three months, a new customer I had never met before asked me to sign over the two-party check made out to us and them so they could just deposit it and keep the money.

Third-party check transactions can be convenient. For instance, if you have a check coming your way and owe a friend, instead of depositing the check and then writing a new one to your friend, you could just sign the check over.

How to write a two party check
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