How to write a letter to a magazine editor

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How to Write a Letter to the Editor and an Opinion Editorial

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How to Write a Letter to the Editor and an Opinion Editorial

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The tips in this section will help you write a letter that will be. Help Writing Query Letters to Magazine Editors. To learn how to write a query letter to a magazine, read books such as How to Write Irresistible Query Letters by Lisa Collier Cool.

Writing strong query letters that convince editors to hire you is both an art and a craft – and it takes a lot of practice.

Whether you're responding to a class requirement, or you're motivated by a passionate point of view, you can use these guidelines to draft a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine. To write a letter to the editor of a magazine, first find a mailing or email address where the magazine accepts letters.

Next, address a specific story or other specific concern with the magazine, citing specific examples. Further, be direct, courteous and concise. Freelance writers face many hurdles, from earning a fair wage to finding the right places to submit their work.

For the latter, it starts with a query letter, also known as a pitch. Often in the form of an email, a pitch allows you to submit an idea to an editor, gain their interest and secure the job.

Quick Answer. To write a letter to the editor of a magazine, first find a mailing or email address where the magazine accepts letters. Next, address a specific story or other specific concern with the magazine, citing specific examples.

How to write a letter to a magazine editor
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