How do shark reduce drag

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Shark skin boosts swim speed and cuts drag

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Shark Skin & Drag Reduction

It has long been hypothesized that shark scales reduce drag by managing the water flow closest to the skin. In addition, shark denticles may help vortices (low-pressure regions of swirling water) stay attached to particular areas of the shark’s body, resulting in more suction and forward thrust.

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Lets make it really hard for anglers to catch a fish without bait, really deep, with a float, 30 foot long-leader to lead, and a three hooks. A swimsuit like shark skin? Not so fast Professor George Lauder has found that the rough surface of shark skin helps reduce drag and increase thrust as the animal swims.

Overview. The Tiger Shark is differentiated by its dark stripes, or bars, down its body and is noted for having one of the widest food spectrums of all sharks, consuming a variety of prey.

How do shark reduce drag
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Shark Skin & Drag Reduction – biomimicry